3 Ways to Experience More Fun with a Fake Snow Machine

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Shopping

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Thinking of surprising the kids in a fun, creative and special way? Kidsplaybox offers you a lot of wonderful ways to have fun with fake snow. From snow globes to miniature scenes of wintry landscapes, your children can have all the fun they want coming up with places and ideas. Here are some of them:

Snow Globes, Anyone?

If your kids are as obsessed with Elsa and Olaf as you are, then one fun way for you to play with fake snow is to use it to fill snow globes. Don’t want to make too many snow globes? No worries. If you make plenty, you can set aside a few of the winners as keepsakes or mementos. That or simply give some of them away. It could be your children’s holiday gift to their friends and other valued members of the family. You could also dip some of the fake snow in different watercolor shades for more fun and variety.

Winter Party

Preparing kiddie parties won’t have to stress you out anymore. Fake snow makes it easy for you to prepare one without having to go through too much trouble. If you foresee a lot of these sorts of parties in your future, you might want to invest in a good snow machine. When you buy a fake snow machine, you’ll have more leeway over the many snow-themed events you can put together for your kids.

Snow Storm Indoor Play

Use that fake snow machine to create the perfect indoor snowstorm. It won’t matter to your kids if it’s too hot outside or the weather isn’t snowy and white. With your snow machine, you can give them their own version of a winter wonderland. And with companies like SnoWonder offering fake snow that doesn’t leave a mess behind, you won’t have to suffer fearsome nightmares involving endless snow with no one else but you on cleanup duty.

Special School Events

If your kids have an event at school where falling fake snow would fit in perfectly—like a play or a class program—then you can lend them your fake snow machine. Remember to take pictures as your tiny tot debuts on the stage or gets speaking lines for the first time.

You can enjoy and use fake snow in a lot of ways. Create some fun times with your kids, plan for some memorable snowstorm parties or buy a fake snow machine and rent it out to everyone that’s jealous of your parties. Whichever purpose suits best, fake snow isn’t just for fun and learning, it’s for making special memories too.

Create the perfect snowstorm for indoor and outdoor events. Call SnoWonder and buy a fake snow machine today!

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