5 Baking Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Cakes and Cookies

Some people seem to have it easy. They just step into their kitchens and whip something up in a few minutes. But if you always find yourself finishing a recipe, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, then here are a few mistakes you may be doing that’s killing those results.

You don’t have tools

Don’t make do with the wrong tools. Pay a visit to a baking supply store online and start investing in the right tools before you get started on another recipe.

You don’t read the recipe carefully

Follow the recipe, step by step. Read the instructions carefully. For instance, a “one cup walnuts, chopped” is different from “one cup of chopped walnuts.” That sounds perfectly the same, right? Nope. The first one asks you to put walnuts in a cup before you chop them. The other step says to chop walnuts before you put them in the cup. The second one will mean more nuts, then, because you can pack more walnuts into the cup when they’re chopped rather than when they’re whole, the Reader’s Digest says.

You cake the cake constantly

Don’t open the oven door until the cake, cookies or pie has started to set. If you do this, that’s going to make for an undercooked baked good every single time. Quit checking until after the 20-minute mark has passed.

You use cold ingredients

Using frozen butter can change the taste of the food. Use all your ingredients when they’re at room temperature unless the recipe says otherwise.

You use the wrong tools

Don’t try to make do with the wrong tools. That’s going to affect the cake or cookies you’ve got in the oven. Worried about costs? Pick out what you need from by catching promos at a baking supply store like N.Y. Cake.

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