5 Tips to Buy Nail Lacquer Online on a Budget

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Shopping

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The Difference Between Nail Polish and Nail Lacquer & How to Buy Online

The emerging trend of nail polishes has not only brought diversity and variety in its marketing techniques but has also made it a more expensive accessory. Nail polishes are now sold under the category of nail polish, nail enamel and nail lacquer. They are becoming collectible, so no matter how many colors of nail polish you own, there is always a longing for just one more shade from the collection, and this I what can make it expensive. Here are some tips to buy nail lacquer online on a budget. First let’s discuss the difference between nail polish and nail lacquer.

Understanding the Difference between Nail Polish and Nail Lacquer

The only difference between nail polish and nail lacquer is the finish. Lacquer has the properties of varnish that make the nail look glossier and smoother after drying. Nail lacquer is also more protective and has stronger resistance to water and grease stains.

5 Tips to Buy on Budget

Follow these tips and learn how to build a big collection of your favorite shades on budget.

* Look for the Wholesale Online Stores

Wholesale online cosmetic stores have a wide range of shades that are offered in either bulk or individual shades. You may also customize the bulk packages by choosing a specific number of shades for the given quantity. You can select individual shades but if you sum up the shipping cost and the price of nail lacquer, it will be almost equal to the commercial price of nail lacquer. Save big by selecting nail lacquers in bulk from wholesale online stores.

* Use Coupons

People use coupons for grocery and electronics. Buy nail lacquer online and save money by utilizing your coupons. Some online websites also offer discount coupons if you buy a number of items from the store.

* Find Discount Deals

A popular online strategy for online stores to get return subscribers is to offer them discount deals. Such deals are often sent to you online on your subscriber email ID. You can also search different online stores to find discount deals and buy nail lacquer online.

* Shortlist the Shades

If you have a list of 10 shades to buy and limited budget, then short list the shades. Mark the priority shades and buy them online according to their importance.

* Ignore Expensive Brands

The price of one famous cosmetic brand nail lacquer is almost equal to the price of three nail lacquers by an average brand. You don’t need to pick very low quality brands but rather medium brands that will work well when a base coat is added under the nail lacquer.

For girls, nail lacquers can be equally exciting as flowers and chocolates. Buy nail lacquer online and send it as a gift to a friend.

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