6 Quilting Tips for Beginners

Quilting can be an enjoyable pastime. Working with patterns, choosing designs and colors and buying fabrics are just among the many activities you likely enjoy. Here are wonderful pointers you’ll want to know if you’re learning your way through quilting for beginners.

Know the basics first

Don’t try your skills at complicated patterns. You’ll only end up frustrated and demotivated. Start from the basics. Once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to patterns that are much more challenging, technique-wise.

Pick a workspace

You’ll work better when you have a dedicated workspace, CreativeLive says. Having your space means you can leave your tools there, ready and within easy reach at any time. That way, you won’t have to scramble around, looking for supplies or items you may lose if you tend to work all over the place. This also limits the clutter to one area, so it’s easier to keep your home neat, organized, and tidy.

Start small

Don’t attempt that ginormous quilt for your bed, not just yet anyway, no matter how much you want to. Start with small projects. Once you’ve improved your skills, you can move on to patterns that offer better challenges in quilting for beginners like you.

Consider simple patterns

Simple patterns can be beautiful and ideal for your first project. Once you gain a bit of quilting experience, it’ll be easier for you to consider other patterns.

Take it easy

Don’t be in a rush to improve. Give yourself time to get to know the basics. Quilt a few minutes or hours every day or week. The more you practice, the better your skills will be.

Enjoy it

Don’t stress yourself out when the outcomes don’t always look as good as they should. Enjoy the experience and just practice. If you keep on practicing, you’ll improve your skills in no time.

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