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Create Camaraderie in a Dance Team with Customized Leotards

When you are the coach of a children’s dance team, you may want to order custom leotards for competitions. At a specialty store that offers a variety of garments for physical activity, you can find numerous types of leotards that are

Why Sublimated Softball Uniforms Are Best for Durability

Having new uniforms printed and ready to go for the start of the softball season can be a challenge. Often, you do not have a lot of time to wait to get your order in to ensure they are there for

Overcoming the challenges of dressing the busty woman

Boutique dresses and clothing are all the rage right now, but one thing everyone always says to the shopper is to know how to dress their size. The challenge is especially huge for busty women, as their sizes and designs that

Complete Safety Includes Protective Clothing

Tyvek is an engineered material, developed by DuPont in the 1950s. The material is used extensively in the manufacture of protective clothing such as Tyvek coveralls yellow as well as house wrap. Tyvek is not woven; it is a flash-spun polyethylene

How to Size a Gymnastics Leotard

When trying on most clothes, you can get a sense of the size by looking at the item, but that is not the case with gymnastics workout leotards. Because leotards are so elastic, they can look smaller than they actually are.