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Selling Unwanted Precious Metals to Raise Cash

When you need to raise money quickly, you may not want to take out a payday loan or apply for a small bank loan. Instead, you may want to sell assets that you own outright. One of the fastest ways that

Belly Piercing Jewelry: The Sexiest Piercing on a Body

The most sensual part of a woman’s body is the bellybutton, what better sight than a dazzling belly piercing to tease a well-toned slender stomach. The sexiest piercing on a body is a belly piercing. Jewelry for the belly area can

The Ins and Outs of Piercing Jewelry

The popularity of body piercing is on the rise. People are finding they love showing off their new piercings to family, friends, and anyone who is interested in the outcome. Luckily, there are many forms of piercing jewelry on the market

Artisan Crafted Gemstone Jewelry in Ohio Is the Trend Nowadays

You can find unique jewelry collections when you go online. These collections are not template but are presented by various artists. These artists have a keen sense of what people are seeking in jewelry today. An Easy Way to Accessorize One

Ear Stretching: What You Need to Know

Having your ears pierced has been a sort of a rite of passage for teenagers for decades. But today with the help of ear stretching, ear piercing tunnels, plugs and more, the holes are getting a whole lot bigger. What is