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The Power of the E Cig

How often have you heard people mention that they’ve tried everything to quit smoking but nothing works? That’s usually when someone in the discussion asks them have they tried the E Cig and the answer is typically something like, those things

Things To Do If You Own A Heat Press

What Is A Heat Press? Put like that, it is nothing but two unrelated words looking for an explanation. Heat being the energy that is given off when things get hot from having their temperature increased. Press usually describes a compressive

How to Host a Tasting Party with Little Cigars

Little Cigars, sometimes known as cigarillos, are a great choice for a variety of situations. Whether you’re an adult looking to enjoy the flavor and experience of a cigar quickly, find a full-size cigar to be too large, or enjoy smoking

Getting Married In Anguilla: A Dream Come True

Planning a wedding is exciting and fun. Many women have spent years dreaming of what they want and how they want it to happen. It is often a fondly remembered moment that people will treasure throughout their lives. Weddings are a

Looking for a Different Dessert? Try Mexican Cookies!

It can be fun to try to find new items to try for dessert. After all, half the fun is in the tasting all the different treats that are available. If you enjoy a sweet after supper treat, Mexican cookies are