Different Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

by | May 27, 2013 | Shopping and Product Reviews

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To maintain your pool, keeping it sparkling clean, you have a choice of three types of automatic Baracuda pool cleaners. The types are defined as:

  • Automatic pressure-side cleaner
  • Automatic suction-side cleaner
  • Robotic

The automatic pressure-side cleaner works by using water under pressure, the pressure can be delivered by the main pool circulation pump or a booster pump which is specific for the application. The pump contains a bag that collects the debris that the cleaner pushes out as it moves around the pool. This style of cleaner will not gather large debris nor can it filter small particles through the bag. Although having a standalone booster pump is more effective in keeping the pool clean, using the main pool pump is less expensive because it already exists and there is no need for an extra pump.

The suction-side device relies on suction to propel it in the pool, sucking debris off the surface as it goes. It draws water through a filter system, it turns over more water in a shorter time and some Baracuda pool cleaners have the ability to scrub clean the pool walls, making maintenance much simpler for the owner. A suction-side cleaner gets rid of small particles in the water far better than the pressure-side cleaner but it is not recommended for use in an area where there are a lot of trees and leaf litter is an on-going issue. The way to control the problem of leaves is to install a leaf trap which removes them before they get stuck. As this style of pool cleaner relies on suction from the main pump, it is important that the filters are kept clean to maximize suction.

The third type of pool cleaner is a robot. The robotic pool cleaners run on electricity, the power runs through a low voltage transformer via a long cord to the robots pump motors. The robot vacuums the debris from the pool surface via a built in pump. The beauty of robotic pool cleaners is that they have a memory chip imbedded in them and they can learn the contours of your pool, they can also be run using a remote control device should it be necessary to spot clean the pool.

Baracuda pool cleanersBaracuda pool cleaners

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