Look At What You Have Been Missing In Suicide Bunny Ejuice Flavors

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Shopping and Product Reviews

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For those who aren’t afraid to try a new taste and new options, the combinations of flavors offered by Suicide Bunny Ejuice flavors are familiar enough to satisfy your cravings for a specific taste, but they are unique enough to keep you interested.

Unlike some of the other brands of e-juice producers, Suicide Bunny tends to focus in on sweet and creamy flavors, but always with something a bit extra as well. They are more complex than most of the vaping liquids out there, which is one of the reasons they are a vape you can enjoy day after day without becoming tired of the same old flavors.

The Inhale Exhale Difference

There are some e-cigarette flavors that offer a very consistent vaping experience on both the inhale and the exhale. In other words, if you inhale and have the flavor of strawberries that is the same general flavor you will have on the exhale.

These are great vapes, but they can get a bit predictable and boring. Over time and with a longer vaping session the flavor sensation largely seems to disappear, leaving you without that flavor burst the makes vaping so pleasurable.

With Suicide Bunny Ejuice, there is a different flavor on the inhale and the exhale, and it is not always the same or a variation on the same. Instead, the inhale will be one aspect of the flavor, such as a melon flavor, and the exhale more of a cream flavor, stimulating your taste buds with each vape. It can also be reversed with the cream on the inhale and the exhale with the complimentary flavor profile.

Options and Sweetness

The popular Suicide Bunny Ejuice including Mother’s Milk, Madrina, Derailed and O.B (Original Bunny) all have a cream flavor element. They are not overly sweet, but they are certainly not tart, bringing that natural flavor of ripe fruit and rich cream to the top.

With these e-juice flavors, there is no aftertaste that is harsh or chemical, which is often found in some of the fruit and cream flavored vapes. Instead, you can expect a smooth, satisfying flavor that delivers time and time again with quality and consistency.

Enjoy Suicide Bunny Ejuice at any time of the day. These are wonderful with a coffee or beverage of your choice and are equally good when you just need a flavor-filled vape any time of the day.

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