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Whether times are good or bad, gold, silver, and jewelry are treasured and traded. Precious metals, in any form, have always been bought and sold. When selling, it’s important to find someone trustworthy and to look for the best price. Shop around, as you’ll find the amount you receive may differ substantially from one shop to the next. After research, most find that a reputable jeweler is the best place to buy or sell.

Over the past 15 years, vintage and luxury watches have proven to be a good investment. Learning as much as possible before investing in a quality watch is always advisable. Patek Phillippe watches are always desirable, but one model may be worth much more than another. Learn what the differences are. Three things to consider when investing in a watch are:

Is it common or rare? If a manufacturer didn’t make very many of a particular model, the rarity of that model will make it more valuable.

What are the manufacturer’s watches famous for? Rolex, for example, is known for superb watches designed for and used by divers and pilots.

Documents and provenance. Did someone famous own the watch? Is it working and all original? Does the watch still have the original documents and certificate?

A jeweler experienced with watches can assist in finding the perfect watch. A watch does not have to be a rare vintage watch to be the ideal watch for someone. A high-quality gold watch will always be valuable. Such a purchase should always be made from a knowledgeable and reputable jeweler.

Albert`s Diamond Jewelers is family-owned and has over 50 years of jewelry industry experience. They buy unwanted jewelry, watches, and precious metals in all forms. There is always a jeweler available who is an expert at jewelry and watch repair. Jewelry buyers who don’t see just what they would like can consult with the jeweler and design a custom piece. Discriminating watch enthusiasts will find an extensive selection of fine watches, including Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Phillippe, and other exceptional gold watches. Whether buying or selling high quality watches in Indiana, customers count on Albert’s Diamond Jewelers.

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