Getting A Good Sleep: The Right Type Of Mattress

One of the life’s basic pleasures is a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, it can be hard to come by. While various factors go into achieving one, it is important you have one particular item. This is a good mattress.
If you are in the market for a good mattress, there are several possibilities for locating one. You can go online and, if in Arizona, check out the various mattress stores in Tempe and other communities in the state. During your exploration of the store, you are sure to be overwhelmed by what seems a never-ending collection of choices. In actuality, mattress types boil down to a few basic types.

Innerspring Mattresses

The first coil spring mattresses in America date to the 19th century. Since then, people have preferred this basic type overall new comers. The design is such that inner-coiled springs provide support for the fabric and your body. Today’s designs are a variation on the original. The springs each have their individual enclosure on top of which are laid different selections of material. This can include latex, pillow and memory foam.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Becoming increasingly popular are memory foam mattresses. These mattresses, first introduced in 1990, consist of layers of foam applied in different densities. Memory foam reacts to the application of different body weights and temperatures. It contours to the different shapes of each sleeper and distributes their weight evenly over the mattress surface.

Latex Mattresses

Since the 1900s, rubber has provided the basis for latex mattresses. You can find natural or synthetic latex foam mattresses in mattress stores in Tempe. Those who favor this type of mattress do so because of the firm support that is spread in a uniform fashion throughout the bed.

Air Mattresses/Beds

Another name for air beds is Sleep Number beds. These high-end mattresses replace spring coils with air-filled chambers. The top consists of a foam layer. Air mattresses/beds receive positive feedback from those who use them but generally rate lower than individuals who use memory foam.


Waterbed “mattresses” replace the coils, the foam and any other type of “stuffing” with water. Since the 1960s, interest in them has ebbed and flowed. Today, you can purchase them in a variety of styles including “free flow” and “waveless.” Waterbeds are not usually found in your average mattress stores. In Tempe and elsewhere, you are more likely to find them in a specialty shop. Another easy option is an online store.
When it comes to finding the right mattress for that “good night’s sleep,” it pays to shop around. Visit your local retailers. There are plenty of bedding, beds and mattress stores. Visit specialty stores, talk to experts and your doctor or chiropractor, and go online. You are sure to find the right mattress for you IF you spend time looking and not simply choose one “because it’s on sale.”

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