How Cake Pop Sales Can Become a Great Side Hustle

Cake pops have become a cultural sensation over the last ten years. Going from a slumber party and bridal shower snacks to treats now served in some of the biggest and most upscale restaurants and cafes, these delicate little desserts are perfect for every occasion. They can also be great for business. Here’s what you need to know about setting up your very own cake pop side gig:

Learn the Ropes

Your first step will be learning to make delicious cake pops. You can’t sell a substandard product, so don’t jump right into trying to market your treats until you’ve had plenty of practice creating them.

There are two kinds of cake pops: those that are crafted from cake crumbles and icing to form balls, and those that are baked in cake pop pans from specialty baking retailers to give a more cake-like texture. Deciding which type you prefer to will help you expedite learning and perfecting your pops!

Cake pops are usually decorated with either fondant icing or a dipped technique with candy coating. Experiment with each and research different designs you can create to find the ones you and your consumers will love. With the tasty little treats, the sky is the limit!

Price It Right

Cake pops are small, so be sure to price them to sell. You don’t want to undercharge for your handmade creations, but you also want people to buy them without hesitation upon seeing the price. You also need to consider the cost of your materials – from ingredients to cake pop pans – so you can be sure you’re covering your expenditures, plus some profit.

A good rule of thumb is $1-$2 per treat, with consideration given for the time and materials it took to make each. Feel free to offer discounts to customers who buy in bulk, as this will help you sell even more.

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