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Ninja gaming requires that you have specific gear. Historically, the ninja of Japan were called shinobi. They were mercenaries or covert agents in ancient Japan. A ninja warrior’s skills were used for spying as well as guerilla warfare and assassination.

Historic Japanese Spies

The shinobi proper during the fifteenth century were a group of trained mercenaries and spies, performing the reconnaissance work during the Sengoku period. Indeed, this was a period of unrest.

Fictional Accounts

These types of activities have led to the popular use and collection of ninja gear today. The ninja image entered popular culture through stories and folktales. Any fictional stories about ninja warriors have been based on figures in history.

Ninja-related Media

Today, ninja gear is collected that is based on Western and Japanese media, media that features books, television, movies, and video games. Comic books have also contributed to the ninja craze. People love video games that display ninja warfare as much as stories that are featured on TV and movies.

Historical Ninja Tools

Historically, some of the ninja gear that was used included such items as tekko-kagi (hand claws), an offshoot of ancient farm implements, ashiko (iron climbing cleats), kaginawa (an iron hook used for climbing), and chigiriki (a chain and weigh weaponry).

Where You Can Learn More about Ninja Products Online

As you can see, some of the gear of the past could be rather intimidating. Today, gear is featured, such as spring assisted blades and limited edition blades, which are based on movie or story lines. To ensure that your ninja collection is kept current, why not visit online website now?

Whether you are just a beginning collector of ninja knives and accessories, or you wish to learn more about collecting these specialized products, you can find out what you need to know by visiting the proper retail store. Take time out to review the product listings. Doing so will make learning more about ninja more rewarding.

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