How Retro Fashion is Making a Comeback

by | May 6, 2016 | Clothing

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Bringing back classic styles is not a new idea. Fashion has evolved for centuries, usually making returning to the mainstream decades later, for the next generation of consumers. Even in the 1800s, classicism made multiple returns, but retro fashion differs a little from the previous returns of trends.

Retro Fashion Beginnings

Retro fashion is a relatively new idea, as the term “retro” only came into modern lingo in the 1970s, which ironically also made a comeback in the 1990s. While some trends in fashion have eased back into mainstream appeal over the years, the retro movement for rockabilly clothing and pinup style is relatively new, since the continuation of these styles relied on a look that is new and playful.

The Keys to Retro Culture

There are two different ingredients that seem to have the most impact on bringing back retro shoes, dresses, hairstyles, and other looks. Some fans of retro and pinup looks want to wear the clothing ironically, calling attention to the looks of the past. Nostalgia is the other driving force behind the retro revival, which often makes members of older generations miss the way that life and style were in years before. Feelings of nostalgia and ironic use of the clothing is the main reason that fashion has evolved, coming full circle in the last 30 years.

The Return of Modern Fashion

Retro fashion has its moments, but once the variety of looks appeared in the 1990s, American culture started gravitating towards the looks of the future. This eliminated the retro look from mainstream fashion by the 2000s, leaving the space to be filled by space, technological advances, and modern art. The vivid colors of the 1970s went away, only to be replaced by metallic jewelry and monochromatic outfits. Luckily, retro fashion did not stay away for long.

The Future of Retro and Rockabilly Style

Just like in history, fashion is constantly repeating itself, helping to fuse retro looks with the current styles of today. Nostalgia is the only notion that puts retro fashion at risk, due to the inability to move forward instead of looking towards what could have been. With the right application into current styles, we may be able to hold onto the flattering and fun aspects of fashion in the decades past, while pointing our retro shoes forward, creating an entirely new look for future generations to indulge in.

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