How to Choose the Best Batteries and Chargers for Your Airsoft Gun

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Shopping

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Whether you prefer a gas powered or electric airsoft gun, you will need to ensure you have the right batteries and chargers for it. However, not all airsoft guns come with these and the manufacturer specs don’t always list which ones you need. If you are having your gun custom made, you might not know which ones to purchase. This should help give you some idea:

Electric Airsoft Gun Batteries

A regular AEG, or automatic electric gun, can get by with regular AA batteries. More expensive and sophisticated models require rechargeable batteries. The more expensive and complex the gun, the more specific the battery requirements will be. Depending on the model of your gun, it could use lithium, nickel cadmimum, or nickel metal hydride batteries. Some gun brands, such as Systema, have their own specific batteries which can only be used with their guns. Most airsoft retailers will also supply batteries so ask which batteries your gun needs when you order.

Electric Airsoft Gun Charger

Again, you will need the correct charger for your gun to work properly. Rechargeable batteries often come packaged with a charger and if the battery is more complex, the charger will be complex too. A simple plug in wall charger won’t work every time. If you use a 9.6v NiMH battery then you will need a smart charger, which has the advantage of charging batteries to full capacity then shutting off when it is done. A wall charger may be cheaper but it will keep on charging even when the battery is full, eventually damaging it. Multi-functional chargers are also available for less than $100 and fit almost any type of battery, allowing for more flexibility. If you are still unsure, ask your manufacturer or retailer who will help you find the best charger for your needs.

Gas and High Pressure Air

Many airsoft gun enthusiasts still prefer gas over electric and suppliers can provide accessories for this too. Propane adaptors, CO2 cartridges, and high pressure air can all be bought online relatively inexpensively, although electric accessories will still be cheaper by comparison as you will not need to constantly buy new cartridges.

If you’re new to the airsoft hobby or buying your first gun, the vast amount of battery types on the market might be confusing at first. As long as you double check which peripherals you need, decide whether you want an electric or gas powered gun, and consult with more experienced members of the airsoft community, you will easily find what you need for your gun.

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