How to Host a Tasting Party with Little Cigars

Little Cigars, sometimes known as cigarillos, are a great choice for a variety of situations. Whether you’re an adult looking to enjoy the flavor and experience of a cigar quickly, find a full-size cigar to be too large, or enjoy smoking but don’t like the taste of cigarettes, little cigars may be the right option for you.

Little cigars look very similar to a full-size cigar. They are a similar shape, but are much shorter and smaller in diameter, more similar in size to a cigarette. Like a full-size cigar, the tobacco is rolled in a tobacco-based brown paper, giving them a distinctive cigar-like appearance.

Little cigars come in both plain and flavored varieties. For those who prefer a traditional flavor, it’s possible to purchase the little version in a variety of strengths and traditional aromas. This is a great option for cigar lovers who don’t have the time to relax and savor the experience and flavor of a full-size cigar. For people who are interested in having a slightly more adventurous experience, it is also possible to purchase flavored little cigars. This can be a great alternative for adults who enjoy the experience of smoking, but aren’t a fan of the taste of cigars or cigarettes. Flavors such as chocolate or cherry, among others, can enhance the flavor of the tobacco, changing the experience and taste for the user.

If you’re interested in trying out plain and flavored little cigars, the best way to get started is to jump right in. Hosting a cigar party with friends can be a wonderful way to try out different flavors when you’re just getting started. As with other taste tests, such as a wine or beer tasting, start with the lightest flavor and work your way to heavier or more fragrant cigars. As an example, you may want to start with a plain or flavorless little cigar, then try a fruit flavored version, before finishing up with a sweet or dessert version.

If you do host a taste test event, make sure you have items on-hand for attendees to cleanse their palate in between each taste. A glass of water for each tester, along with a communal bowl of freshly ground coffee beans, should do the trick. After trying each cigar, smell the coffee beans to reset your palate and take a drink of water.

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