How to Size a Gymnastics Leotard

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Clothing

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When trying on most clothes, you can get a sense of the size by looking at the item, but that is not the case with gymnastics workout leotards. Because leotards are so elastic, they can look smaller than they actually are. The best way to buy the correct sized leotard is through the sizing guide found on most websites. Accurately measuring and interpreting the size of a leotard is extremely important for its comfort level. There are four essential measurements to always get before going leotard shopping.


The chest measurement should be around the largest part of the bust, done with a tape measure traditionally. It is usually a good idea to take down the measurement in both inches and centimeters, as different sites and stores use different metrics.


The waist measurement should be around the smallest part of your torso, and should also be taken in inches and centimeters. All measurements should be taught but should not squeeze, as you do not want the leotard to be too tight in any area.


The hip measurement should actually be taken slightly lower than the hip, around the widest part of the buttocks. The lower half of a leotard is the hardest part to fit, but it is also vital that it fit correctly.


The torso measurement is extremely important, and is one of the main determiners of the size of leotard that you need. A traditional torso measurement is along the spine, but that is not the case when handling leotards. Here you go from the center of one shoulder, then wrap around through the legs, and bring the tape measure back up to meet the center of the shoulder where you started. Most leotard measurements are provided based on these figures, so if you measure in a different way you would likely end up with the wrong size.


An inseam measurement is only really necessary if you are purchasing a unitard, as it approximates the length of the legs. Leg length is not particularly important to a traditional leotard, unless you are trying to decide on your preferred style and want to know what is most flattering.

Most of the time, gymnastics workout leotards are purchased online, so measurements are even more important. While many sites allow you to send back a leotard that does not fit, it is much easier and more efficient to initially purchase the correct size.

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