How to Store Premium Cigars

When you purchased premium cigars, you must decide where and how to store them. If your cigar is in a dry climate, it will become dry. If your cigar is in a humid environment, it will become moist. Cigar storage is an important factor when it comes to the freshness, quality, and taste. Here is what you need to know about storing your cigars.

The Importance of Cigar Storage

As stated above, cigars become moist or dry based on their environment. If a cigar absorbs too much moisture and becomes damp, it will not burn correctly. The cigar will not stay lit and the smoke can become extremely dense. In damp cigars, the wrappers will also split. When you smoke these cigars, you’ll get a sour taste and/or odor.

If your cigar is too dry, it will become too hot. The smoke will get intense and become hot to your palate. As part of the process, the essential oils in the premium cigars evaporate. The dryness will ultimately impact the variants in flavor and aroma.

Proper Storage of Cigars

For the optimal smoking experience, the ideal storage humidity is 60%-70%. Also, keep the storage temperature below 75 degrees F.  Lastly, keep cigars in a dark environment. A humidor is a great storage option, as it helps with regulating the temperature for your cigars and makes organizing them easier.  A humidifier is also handy because it will maintain the desired humidity in the humidor.

What is a Humidor?

A humidor is a box used to store cigars. It comes in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. A nice quality humidor, that holds more than 150 cigars, can cost over $250. There are less expensive humidors on the market for your premium cigars, but typically they aren’t as stable or of the same quality as the more expensive ones. When you purchase a humidor, you’ll want one that is thick enough to protect your premium cigars from the outside temperatures. Look for a humidor with walls that are 5/8” or thicker as well as a great seal.

Using Your Humidor

For first-time use, check the hygrometer to make sure it is working properly. A hygrometer is a little device that measures the humidity level. It can take a little time for the humidor to reach its appropriate humidity. Once your humidor reaches 63 degrees F, proceed with putting your cigars in it. The humidor temperature and humidity stabilizes when it’s at least 75% full with cigars. Be sure to purchase a humidifier to go along with your humidor. This will help to maintain the humidity level at all times.


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