How to Take Care of Your Furniture

From couches to chairs to love seats, there are a lot of different pieces you need to get to create a lovely living room. All these purchases are investments, and you should really take the proper steps in order to ensure that you get the most out of those investments. A few simple things are all that are necessary to make your American made furniture look fantastic for longer.

Keep Away From Sunlight

Frequent exposure to the sun is not just bad for your skin. It can also deteriorate your furniture’s aesthetic over time. For this reason, you should avoid placing anything in front of a window where it would be exposed to sunlight for hours every day. If you are going to put something in front of a window, you should make sure the blinds are closed.

Keep Away From HVAC Units

You also want to make sure that your furniture maintains a consistent temperature. Placing it in front of your AC unit or heater will cause the material to fade away prematurely. If you like starting a fire in the fireplace from time to time, make sure furniture is kept away so that it does not get too hot.

Clean Up Immediately

When people constantly bring over glasses and drinks into your living room, chances are good that eventually someone is going to spill something. When that happens, you do not want to wait. You should clean up the mess right away before it has a chance to set in. You should use blotting actions as opposed to wiping when cleaning American made furniture.

Do Not Drag

As time goes on, you may decide that you want to switch a few things up. When you move furniture, you always want to pick it up rather than drag it. Dragging has the potential to damage the furniture’s legs, and it can also damage your floor if you are not careful.

Dust and Clean Often

You do not want even a layer of dust to build up on your couches and chairs over time. You should clean your furniture at least once a week. It does not take a lot of time, and it is easier to do a little bit every week rather than wait months at a time.

Be ready for whenever guests come over by ensuring your American made furniture is perfectly clean. A little maintenance from time to time is all that is needed to reap the benefits.

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