How To Use Your Paracord Wristband

If you are like most people, you have been hearing all the raving reviews about the paracord wristband and may have decided to get one for yourself. However, it is essential to understand how to use it or where to use it, to get the most benefit from your new purchase.

What Is It?

Typically, it is a lightweight rope made of nylon that was initially used as parachute line for soldiers in WWII. However, it was soon noted that the rope could be used for many other purposes in the military and now commercially. The bracelets can be purchased or crocheted by using many feet of the cord, woven in such a way to look appealing and comfortable to carry.

Prepping Uses

Prepping uses can range in intensity, but include any time where you will need to prep something for use later. For example, it can be used to tie your garden vegetables to the stake so they grow properly, meaning you can have more vegetables to eat when they have fully grown. It can also be used as a leash or collar for your pet if you happen to be somewhere and have forgotten them.

Helpful Uses

The best thing about paracord is that it has an infinite number of uses, as long as your imagination. While prepping and practical uses may not require a bracelet or wristband, you can still buy some to keep on hand at home. For example, you can use it to bundle items together, make a hammock, keep items secure and together, such as on top of your vehicle and can use it as a clothesline. You can also use it to hang tools on your belt or as a necklace for important things, such as keys. It can even be used as a belt, bra strap or shoelace.

Survival Uses

While the above can be helpful, it may not be life or death though the bracelet could save your life or someone else’s. It can be used to secure your tent or tie together branches as a makeshift shelter, which keeps you protected from the elements and may reduce colds and pneumonia. It can also be used as a splint, tourniquet, and sling, to stop blood flow or curb the use of an extremity that has been broken or sprained. It can also be used to make snares and traps or a fishing net to help catch food, as well as make a rope, create trip wires and as dental floss or suture material.

Your paracord wristband offers a lot of versatility and ability, but it is up to you to learn how to use it correctly. Visit Survival Watch today to learn more about their product or to purchase one for yourself or a loved one.

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