Ideas for Attractive Garden Lighting

Do you have a garden or maybe an area or two in your yard that you absolutely love? If so, the right lighting can bring even more attention to the beauty of the space. Before choosing your outdoor lights in Chicago, it’s best to know where you want to put your lights, so you have an idea of what to buy. The style and design of the lighting goes a long way to enhancing an outdoor scene. Look at three ways to use your outdoor lighting in your garden.

Illuminate a Favorite Tree

Maybe you have a lemon tree, a Japanese maple or an America redbud you want to show off. Consider putting some attractive outdoor lights featuring a post design around the base of your tree. These would provide soft light to your beautiful tree allowing you the opportunity to admire it late into night.

Light Up a Lovely Fountain

Perhaps you have an appealing three- tiered fountain in your garden. Maybe it features a stone Cupid, a bird or even fairies. A few well lights would be an ideal choice for illuminating your bubbling fountain throughout the night.

Put Your Arbor in the Spotlight

If you have a cream or white arbor in your garden that’s covered with ivy, climbing roses or clematis, you can make it look even better with the right outdoor lighting. Consider some post lights around the base of the arbor or some hanging lanterns installed nearby. The picture of the flowers covering your arbor will be even more memorable with subtle lighting all around.

Lastly, you’ll find a great selection of outdoor lights in Chicago that can boost the appearance of your property. Visit Fox Lighting Galleries soon to find lights that can highlight all the best spots in your garden.

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