Just A Few Things You Can Do With A Paracord Survival Bracelet

If you’re like most outdoor enthusiasts, you’ve probably noticed fellow hikers with a colorful cord sitting on their wrist, which is beautifully woven and snug-fitting. These parachute cord bracelets are becoming increasingly popular because they can do so much. They aren’t just found by outdoor enthusiasts, either. They were created for the military and have become so useful and noticed, that everyone wants one, in every color imaginable. They can be perfect for anyone who goes outside, including those who enjoy hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing.

Makeshift Shelter

If you find yourself stranded outside, shelter is the most important thing to find first. It can get frigid at night, especially in the woods, so you want to ensure that you are sheltered from the elements. Finding a bunch of branches can help provide you with a crude lean-to, but with the lightest breeze, they could fall. Using the paracord survival bracelet, you can tie the branches together to provide more sturdy shelter.

Build Snares/Traps

While you may not want to hurt a small animal, you must keep up your strength. Many people don’t know what is edible around them, such as plants and shrubs, so you may be worried about gathering berries in case they make you ill or cause death. Being able to trap a rabbit or other small animal may be the best way to stay alive until you are rescued or find your way out. The inner fibers can help you create snares and traps though you may want to find videos to help you and practice so you know just what to do in that situation.

Fishing Lines/Nets

Fishing is another food source, and most people would prefer it to eating rabbits and other small game. Using the inner strands, you’ll be able to make a fishing line or a small gill net.

Start a Fire

Once you have the food prepped and ready, you need a heat source to cook it. While most raw food is okay to eat, it could still give you severe cramps and other problems. You can use it to spin a bow drill to generate enough friction and heat to light the branches. Some versions of the paracord survival bracelet include a flint and steel, making it even easier to start a fire. Again, you may want to watch videos on how to use cord in this situation, so you don’t waste precious time trying to figure it out when it’s needed.

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