Why Sublimated Softball Uniforms Are Best for Durability

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Clothing

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Having new uniforms printed and ready to go for the start of the softball season can be a challenge. Often, you do not have a lot of time to wait to get your order in to ensure they are there for the first day of the season. But, what makes it worse is settling for a printing of uniforms that is going to lead to problems – such as worn lettering, peeling lettering, or fading colors. Sublimated softball uniforms can help you avoid this problem.

What Makes Them Different?

Sublimated softball uniforms use a printing method called sublimation. In most types of printing for uniforms, a layer of ink is laid over the top of the fabric. It dries in place, creating the image desired. But, this can peel away, making the uniform look dull and old. Sublimation does not do this. Instead, the ink gets into the fabric, creating a much more impactful color scheme. It looks fantastic.

Investing in the Right Material Counts, Too

While the printing method is important, so is the actual material you invest in, for the uniforms. Many times, the best options are those with fabrics that release the dirt to allow it to easily fall out of the material. You also need to consider a uniform designed to keep moisture at bay and to allow for improved breathability. This helps ensure those hot games are more manageable all season long.

Sublimated softball uniforms are an excellent investment. They can be an outstanding way for your team to look fantastic on the field without having to be overwhelmed with heat. And, these are the types of uniforms capable of lasting for years and still looking nearly brand new each season. Save some money this year by buying these uniforms.

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