Learn More About The Crystal Chandelier Bobeche And Other Parts

The crystal chandelier is a beautiful piece that is coming back in style. More and more people are buying antique chandeliers to bring into their home, but may not understand the parts entirely. It’s important to know which parts chandeliers may have, so you’re better acquainted with them and understand their purpose. Likewise, you will know what to do when a piece breaks off or needs to be replaced.


The primary part of the chandelier is the crystal of which it is made. There are thousands of options available, but higher-priced crystals are highly sought after. Options like Swarovski may be higher end, but will shimmer and look exquisite in any room of your home.


The arms of the chandelier are what extend from the central area of the piece. There are multiple varieties, including S-shaped arms, fluted arms and ropes. The candles will sit atop the arm and extend away from the central area. In most cases, they are made from the same crystal as the chandelier itself, but can also be made of metal or brass.


The candles sit at the end of the arms and will illuminate the piece, giving light to the room. In the past, they were real candles that were lit and put out at the end of the day. However, now they are light bulbs, sometimes in the shape of the candle flame.


Other parts can include the bobeche, shades, collars and more. The bobeche is the little disc that is attached to the end of the arm. The candle or bulb sits atop this piece to catch the wax drippings. Even though newer chandeliers don’t use candles, the bobeche is still used as a decorative piece. Sometimes, gems or crystals hang from the bobeches to create even more light reflection.

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