Reasons to Use a Helicopter New York Airport Shuttle

Taking an airplane for business or pleasure used to be a thrill and a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it is becoming increasingly common. Because more people are choosing to fly in New York and other areas, the airport shuttle is increasingly important. This vehicle will either transport you through the airport to where you need to be or will pick you up from or drop you off at a particular area before or after a flight.

Though not equipped for in-airport transport, a helicopter is an excellent shuttle service to pick you up from or close to your home and take you to the airport, as well as dropping you off somewhere after the plane ride. There are many great reasons to use helicopter shuttles.

Pick Up/Drop Off

If you enjoy taking the stress out of flying, you may enjoy being picked up in a helicopter. There are many helipads in New York that you can use, and you may want to consider your own building, if you live in a high-rise apartment or condominium, as they often have helipads. In some instances, you may pay extra, especially if they literally pick you up at your residence, but you don’t risk traffic or driving problems at all.

Helicopters used for shuttling can also handle luggage though each helicopter company is different. Consider asking how much luggage you can bring and consider the amount of people that will be in a helicopter.

Little to No Driving

Most people who travel to or live in New York prefer not to drive whenever possible. It can be difficult to maneuver through clogged city streets and can also be dangerous. Therefore, using a helicopter to shuttle back and forth from your flight will be extremely helpful. You may need to travel a little to get to the closest helipad, but you won’t have to drive for a long period and get stuck in a lot of traffic.

For those that hate driving in crowded areas, this can be perfect. You may also be able to leave for the airport sooner as you won’t have a long drive to content with.

Wow Factor

Another reason to consider airport shuttling by helicopter is simply the “wow” factor for you and others. People seeing you board a helicopter or get off a helicopter will be instantly jealous and impressed and you will also be impressed with the view and the uniqueness of the experience.

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