Securing Supplies for our furry cousins

there was once a quote dignifying a dog as being man’s best friend, since then the term has been immortalised to be known to one & all…
even if a dog might not be man’s best friend… life tends to get much more easier to get through with a pet around. Naturally its necessary to return the favour as it becomes our duty to secure their most basic need for all their unselfish love & adoration.
We as humans, our bodies find transtions in climates, enviroment & travelling strrous & take time to adjust so it becomes foolish to expect our pets to follow suit, we have major anatomical variations. hence in certain situations precautionary measures are an absolute must.

Knowing your pet
before securing your pet from threats & showering luxuries on it, one must take time to think, research & study ones pet inorder to have complete knowldge about the pets patterns.
One should also know everything about the pets functioning & behavioural changes.likes, dislikes, etc. Consult a vet. There are even various courses meant for pets to give them training & make them independent.

Choosing the best for your pet
before going all out & splurging on the best goodies money can buy one must have ample informtion & enquire about quality of the product especially when its concerning food. The manufacturing date, the expiration & whether your pet is capable to digest the food or not. One must even be inquisitive about food allergies the pet might have & take the necessary precautionary measures even if the risk might be nil as food llergies tend to be fatal.

Mantaining high standards of hygeine
even if money is a power tool to ensure security for your pet, there are some things that even money cant buy & thats a standard of cleanliness & hygeine that depends on the way you proritise & maintain it as your pets health will depend on the level of hygiene maintained around it.

Emergency requirements
it is important to always be equipped incase of an accident, similarly it also adds to your pet.
One should always carry along an emergency first aid kit with all necessary medications & other necessary aids inorder to provide relief to your pet immiediately!

it is a wise option to alway run a practice drill with your pet in order to familiarise yourself as well your pet with the pace of your schedule

for the sake of your pets well-being. Be responsible. Act responsible.

securing supplies

securing supplies

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