Stressless – A New Age In Comfortable Furniture

Stressless, a furniture line produced by Ekornes Furniture from Norway, is one of the top furniture lines in the world. The Stressless line of furniture is most well-known for its famous reclining chairs, but it also offers sofas and home theater seating. The goal of the furniture is to provide users with something that allows to be in complete comfort and relaxation when they sit or lie down. This article will go over all aspects of Stressless furniture, from why their recliners are so popular to their Stressless furniture design system.

Stressless Recliners – Rethinking Armchair Seating

Stressless recliners are different than most other armchairs or recliners on the market. They are characterized by a seat that is connect via a pole to a round base. This allows the chair to swivel and pivot with the person sitting in it. All of their recliners also come with a separate foot rest that allows the seated person to put their feet up. This design is different than your typical La-z-Boy or armchair in that it is designed to “be one with” the person sitting in it. This is really the entire reason that Stressless recliners are so popular.

Additionally, Stressless recently began offering all of their chairs in three different sizes – small, medium and large. This adds a whole new level of customization to their furniture. By basing the seating area on the size of the person, the idea is that the chair can really contour to the person’s body for maximum coziness.

Stressless Couches and Home Theater Seating

While their recliners are the ticket item on the Stressless line, their couches and home theater seating options are also considered top of the line furniture pieces. The couches come in different sizes ranging from 1-seaters to 3-seaters and you can really design any sort of couch by adding on sectionals and corners as well.

The home theater seating was a recent addition for those lucky enough to have home theaters. Stressless offers a lot of options for those looking to relax and watch television or movies in their own miniature theater.

Stressless Furniture Design

Perhaps the greatest new addition to the Stressless line was their furniture designer application. They offer three options for design: Model Designer, Combination Designer and Room Designer. The Model Designer allows users to pick out a piece of furniture and then customize the type of fabric used and the color. The Combination Designer is mainly for sofas and it allows users to create an entire sofa set-up. Using 1-seat, 2-seat and 3-seat pieces combined with sectionals and corner pieces, anyone can custom design an entire sofa setup for their living room. Finally comes the room designer. This tool allows users to fill an entire virtual room with Stressless furniture. It helps to envision what a room will look like with different combinations of Stressless recliners and sofas. These design tools really take customizing and choosing Stressless products both fun and easy.

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