Take on the Deepest Waters with Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

Waders are essential to the angler fishing enthusiast who likes to get the feet wet. At International Angler, we are proud to feature a fine selection of Orvis Silver Sonic Waders in a variety of styles and sizes. Our commitment to quality and service is unmatched, and we are glad to be your reliable source for fishing gear and equipment.

Few things are worse than waders that don’t hold up in the water. Especially when the weather is cool and you need to keep your legs and body warm and dry. In extreme cases, it makes all the difference to your health and safety. Orvis is known for its long-standing commitment to quality and a product line that focuses on enhancing lifestyles spent in the great outdoors.

Orvis was founded in 1856 and is the oldest mail order outfitter in the nation. It is also the oldest continually operating fly fishing business. As a world leader in sporting retail preferred among fishing hobbyists and professionals alike, Orvis adheres to a high level of culture and customer satisfaction. Going beyond simply selling the sporting goods you love, they offer classes and travel assistance and endorse particular sporting lodge networks and guides. This is a company steeped in American tradition and a love for the great outdoors. You can be absolutely certain that you get nothing less than the best with Orvis.

International Angler, being dedicated to ensuring your fishing experience is everything you want it to be, brings Orvis Silver Sonic Waders to its wonderful customers. Choose from zippered, convertible top, guide and women’s waders, all available in a variety of sizes for the best performance and comfort. Lightweight and durable, they are up to the challenge of your favorite river, stream, pond or lake fishing spots. The use of Orvis SonicSeam® sonic-weld technology means that you don’t have to worry about threads and seams coming undone, or holes letting the cold and damp get into your waders. The women’s waders are designed specifically for female angler fishers, and were made in response to an overwhelming request from our female customers.

At International Angler, our team loves fishing and fishing culture as much as you do. We take this business very seriously, and are honored to continue the traditions of companies like Orvis with our products and services. Please take some time to browse the website, and find the right Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Wader for your needs. Stop in to the store anytime, or call with questions you have about our products. We look forward to serving you!

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