The Last Days Prophecy – The Ultimate Untruth

For many years, believers have been led to adopt a certain set interpretation of the Bible and they have been brainwashed in a way to believe only one way of looking at things. One of the main untruths that have been perpetuated through time immemorial is that of the ‘Last Days Prophecy.’

The last days prophecy is supposed to portend the end of the world as we have come to know it. It involves those that have sinned burning for these sins while others who have been “good” and accepted the Lord and Saviour Jesus, will be saved. By exploring this mythical fallacy we can see where we have been duped.

Fact or Fiction?

The truth is hard to come by because most of the Bible interpretations hold strong to the idea of a ‘Last Days Prophecy/.” When a religious group has been deceived for a long period of time, it can be difficult to face the truth head on. However ultimately it is necessary to face the possibility that the Last Days Prophecy was not actually real. With truths finally being exposed in ground shaking books such as Bamboozled Believers, people finally have another way to view the scriptures.

Coming to terms with the new

For those who have embraced the idea of a last days prophecy for most of their lives, it can be hard to face any other alternative. However in time, it will become more apparent that truth is all there ever really was. The Last Days Prophecy refers to the end of an era not the end of civilization and an earth gone up in flames. Why would the creator wish this end result for humanity? Instead the coming changes will be positive for those on earth who are aligned with light and Christ consciousness.

Bamboozled Believers is a book by Michael Biehler that will change the way you look at Christianity and the last days prophecy. 

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