The Top 6 Nail Treatment Products

Anyone who has ever had trouble with their nails knows how important it is to treat the nail right for it to heal properly. Nails that break or easily tear are not just annoying, they can be incredibly painful as well. When the nail breaks or tears below the natural nail line it can cause pain, discomfort and sometimes even infection. In order to properly take care of your nails there are a few nail treatment products that you will need to have in your medical cabinet.

  1. Nail Clippers – having a good pair of nail clippers is very important for proper nail care. You will need a good pair of clippers that stays sharp and is able to make clean cuts. A good feature to look for in nail clippers is a file to help keep the under-nail area clean and tidy.

  2. Nail File – a nail file is good for filing down the nail to the desired shape and size. They are also good for preventing peeling nails and breakage. Look for a nail file that will last for many uses and not wear out.

  3. Anti-bite Treatment – Nail biting is a bad habit that many people struggle with. Often times dirt, bacteria and germs can get stuck under the nails. When people bite their nails they have an increased risk of becoming ill due to putting these substances into their mouth. Nail biters also experience very short nails and will often bite their nails right down to the quick. This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Special nail treatment products can help people overcome the bad habit of nail biting.

  4. Cuticle Complex – a cuticle complex can help keep the nail cuticles healthy and vibrant. Healthy cuticles lead to healthier nails.

  5. Anti-fungal Treatment – if your nails look dull or brittle, or if they are excessively thick, oddly shaped or a strange, dark color then you may have a nail fungus. This can often begin as a white or yellow spot under the nail. Anti-fungal cream can help alleviate the pain associated with a nail fungus and prevent them from coming back.

  6. Ridge Filler – a ridge filler is very helpful for filling in the ridges in the nails. This helps give the nails a more even and polished look. The ridge filler is applied as a base coat and then the color is put over it.

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