Tips for Buying a Karambit Claw Knife

The karambit is one of the most unique knives that you will ever come across. Unlike most knives that have a straight blade, the karambit is curved. If you need a weapon that you can use for self-defense, the karambit is easily one of the best choices available. Compared to those hefty knives that are difficult to carry and use, the karambit is nifty, lightweight, and most of all, incredibly deadly in the right hands. The karambit claw knife was first used in Indonesia back in the 11th century, but over time, the design and iteration has undergone various changes. If you are interested in buying a self-defense knife, the karambit is a fantastic option. Here are a few tips for buying a karambit.

Blade Types

The karambit claw knife is available with various blade types. For instance, the single edged blade is the most popular. Most experts unanimously agree that the double edged blade in a karambit isn’t of any use because one side is curved towards the wielder. Even though it’s not a multi-purpose knife, there are certain karambits that you can buy with a serrated edge, as well. Another thing that you need to check is whether to buy a karambit that folds out, or whether to buy one that has a fixed blade. You can check the website to explore your options.


When it comes to buying a karambit claw knife, it’s recommended that you buy one that has a textured grip. A textured grip will make it easy for you to hold the karambit in your hand, especially in tense situations. The rubberized grip is the most popular, as it absorbs sweat and gives you better grip.

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