Two Ways to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint in Fitness

When many people discuss ways to decrease your carbon footprint, they talk about using less water to water your front yard or recycling more. However, there are ways to implement eco-friendly habits into every single aspect of your life. This includes fitness. Whether you’re a beginner or a gym rat, consider the following ways you can decrease your footprint in the area of fitness.

  • Purchase a water filter & eco-friendly bottles.

Water is such a precious commodity that so many people take for granted. Many people pay top dollar for clean water. However, avoid the temptation to purchase bottled water. Instead. you can purchase a filtration system. Then, when you’d like to fill up on water when you’re on the go, purchase reusable, BPA-free water bottles. Not only will you do your part in saving the planet, but you’ll also decrease your carbon footprint significantly.

  • Try eco-friendly fitness attire.

There are two routes to take in this area. You can start by purchasing fashion-forward pieces from a bamboo yoga wear line. When you have brands that are making garments in a sustainable way, it’s great to support those companies to encourage that type of tradition across all clothing retailers. Furthermore, you can purchase certain items from thrift stores, second-hand shops and online resellers. Once you clean them thoroughly, items like sports bras, gym shorts and workout tops can work perfectly. You’re extending the life of a particular garment, which decreasing the need for wasteful production within the clothing industry.

As you begin to incorporate these changes into your fitness regimen, you’ll notice a difference in how you live. You can easily find a different option of fitness gear like the bamboo yoga wear from SecondtoNAKED. It’s a simple adjustment. Before long, you’ll be able to help others decrease their carbon footprint and create a trend that helps the planet.

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