Types of Weddings for Flip Flop Wedding Favors

Some couples prefer the traditional favors that are found at most of the weddings people attend. However, others prefer to choose something a little different that will really stand out in the minds of their guests. When you can find the perfect favors that reflect your wedding in particular, your guests will have more fun. There are several situations in which flip flop wedding favors can be the perfect option to give to your guests.
Beach Wedding
If your wedding is set to take place on the beach, you most likely want to continue that beach theme into your reception after the ceremony is complete. Whether your reception will be held at the beach or another venue, providing your guests with flip flop favors will tie into the theme of your wedding, showing them how much fun you had getting married on the beach. Even those who didn’t know you got married on the beach will know when they see your favors.
A Laid-Back Wedding
Perhaps your new spouse and yourself are more laid-back by nature. If you want to reflect this aspect of your personality, choosing flip flop wedding favors can be a fun way to create a more casual atmosphere for your wedding reception. When you give flip flops as your wedding favors, the feeling of formality you expect at most weddings will melt away. This is a great way to showcase a little of your personality as a couple during the reception.
Your Honeymoon
When you and your new spouse head off on your honeymoon, you may want to give your guests a little taste of what you will experience. If you are headed for a warm destination to spend some time relaxing on the beach, giving special flip flops to your guests will allow them to see just what you will be experiencing after the wedding is over.
Flip flop wedding favors are the perfect way to express yourself a little more at your wedding reception. While it may seem unusual to provide this type of favor at a typical formal wedding, there are situations where these types of favors can be the perfect complement. If you were married on the beach, have a more laid-back personality or are heading for a tropical destination for your honeymoon, giving out flip flops as your wedding favors can add a touch of fun and create a casual atmosphere to your wedding reception.
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