What Metals Do Precious Metal Refiners Accept

When your business produces precious metal scrap, you need a refinery you can trust to buy your precious metals and refine them for other uses. As you search for precious metal refiners, it’s critical to determine which metals they buy to ensure they’re a good fit. The following are metals these refiners often purchase.


Gold is a common byproduct in dentistry and jewelry stores. Many pawn shops also buy gold and need to find a refinery to purchase any gold they can’t resell. Because many people sell their unwanted gold to pawn shops and jewelry stores, it’s essential to find precious metal refiners that can purchase the gold for top dollar and ensure it can be used for other purposes.


Silver is another common precious metal used in dentistry and the jewelry industry. When you have dental fillings, dental appliances, or silver jewelry that you can’t resell, sending it to a refinery allows you to get cash back while getting rid of unneeded inventory.


Platinum is less widely used but is a valuable precious metal that can generate revenue for your business if you no longer need it. Selling scrap platinum to precious metal refiners puts money in your pocket for items you can’t use or no longer need.


Palladium is a rare, valuable metal that may not be used in many items but can be sold to refineries like gold, silver, and platinum. It’s most commonly used in dentistry, jewelry, and electronics. The best refineries will evaluate the condition of your palladium and offer top dollar for it.

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