You Do Not Have to Pray Alone

It can be very surprising how many people will offer to join you in prayer. I know of a woman who worked at a local hardware store. She was well liked by staff as well as customers. When her husband unexpectedly fell ill the entire community rallied beside her and offered to assist with prayer. The woman was overwhelmed by the kindness of not only those people she knew and worked with everyday, but even people who she had never met. She would have people approach her in the store and ask her husband’s name so that they could join her in prayer. She was strengthened by their prayers and her husband was sent home from the hospital within a week. This is just a small example of how prayer can offer support and strength through an entire community. A Prayer Request can assist you when you are faced with major life challenges so you do not have to pray alone.

First it is important to state that you truly are never alone as God is by your side listening with great interest to your prayers. However, you might feel life that you are alone during the most frightening or sad times of your life. When you reach out to a community, your Church parish or even an online prayer group you will feel the strength of many voices reaching God’s ears.

You might be wondering why this is necessary. Does this mean without the masses God does not hear your prayers? God always hears your prayers. However we can liken group prayer to the volume on a car radio. When you pray alone the volume is set to one, but when you pray with a group the volume is set to 10. You also know there is always strength in numbers. The cause of one man is made far stronger when he is joined by others to support him.

A prayer request can allow you to find support from the Christian community and help you send your message out to God. God is listening and will hear your prayers and see you are loved and supported and worthy of assistance. With a pure heart open to God’s love you will feel his strength as well as the love and strength of the Christian community.

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