Your Choice of Mattresses in the Chicago Area

by | May 8, 2013 | home & garden accesssories

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If you were purchasing a chair to sit in all day, you would most likely do extensive research into models, brands, and coziness. Likewise, when looking for Mattresses, you should give some thought to the best type for your needs and comfort. After all, you spend at least eight hours a night (if you’re lucky) in bed! Before diving into the world of mattress hunting in the Illinois area, let’s look at seven different types of Mattresses Chicago that you may encounter:

Innerspring: over 80% of the market is composed of the innerspring style, and they are most likely the first thing you think of when you hear the word “mattress.” They use coil springs topped with upholstery for the utmost support and comfort.

Memory foam: developed in the mid-90s, memory foam is quickly becoming a popular style of mattress. With a form-fitting response and delayed contouring after you rise, many people believe that this type of support is like sleeping on a cloud.

Latex: while similar to the texture of memory foam, latex mattresses (which are also gaining in popularity) do not conform as quickly as foam, making for a cooler sleep, and causing it to be easier to shift positions or roll over in the middle of the night.

Air: we’ve all seen the random air mattress on a living room floor, but they are now also convenient and cozy options for “above ground” as well. They are easily adjustable for firmness and -; who wouldn’t love this -; filled with a natural and renewable resource!

Water: perhaps dated to the 1970s, waterbeds are still around, and for good reason. They have evolved to more closely resemble innerspring mattresses and can offer better support than they used to -; just watch out if you own a cat or dog!

Adjustable: if you like position options, an adjustable bed can be good because it can bend and change elevation. This can be great for those suffering from back pain, and can often come with your choice of one of the mattress types above.

Dual-Purpose: not a mattress type, per se, but sometimes a futon or sofa bed is just the addition you need for guests in your home. Mattresses for these beds usually need to have a different type of foldable construction.

If you’re looking for Mattresses Chicago, a good place to start could be Marjen of Chicago. Sweet dreams!


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