A Pool Salt Chlorinator Produces Small Amounts Of Chlorine In Salt Water Pools

One of the newest trends in cleaner living and wanting to use less chemicals in our lives is salt water pools. These ingenious creations provide a safer place for people to swim who either have a chlorine allergy or just want to reduce the amount of chemicals that they are exposed to on a daily basis. Salt water pools offer an alternative to high chlorine pools which cause numerous health hazards and are harmful to the environment.

How a Pool Salt Chlorinator Works

The purpose of a pool sanitation system, salt or otherwise, is to get rid of the microorganisms in the pool or decrease them to a level that is considered to be safe. A salt chlorinator works to oxidize any organic elements that get into a pool such as sunscreen, body sweat, oils and urine. Oxidizing means that it burns up the substances and digests them. This helps to improve the quality of the water in the pools.

Why People Choose a Salt Water Pool

Many people chose to install a salt water pool or convert their pool over to salt water because it is more environmentally friendly and healthier for the people who swim in it. It is also much easier to care for a salt water pool rather than a chlorine pool. The cost to operate a salt water pool is lower than operating a chlorine pool so it will save money over time. Even though the initial cost to install a salt water pool tends to be more expensive than a chlorinated pool many people find that the benefits of better health and less exposure to chemicals is worth the added expense.

Salt Water Pools Actually Use Chlorine

One thing that many people do not realize is that salt water pools so use a small amount of chlorine, so they are not chlorine free. The salt in the pool gets electronically zapped with electrolysis which turns the salt into chlorine. However, the chlorine that is produced with a pool salt chlorinator is not the same as the chlorine that is purchased from the local pool supply store. It is much less harsh and better for your health. Salt pools also use significantly less amounts of chlorine than traditional chlorine pools so the water is much safer to swim in and is unlikely to cause the health hazards that a chlorine pool can cause.

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