Complete Safety Includes Protective Clothing

Tyvek is an engineered material, developed by DuPont in the 1950s. The material is used extensively in the manufacture of protective clothing such as Tyvek coveralls yellow as well as house wrap. Tyvek is not woven; it is a flash-spun polyethylene with a number of unique qualities including:

* Light weight protection against hazardous aerosols and dry products as well as non-hazardous liquid splash
* Used extensively by those involved in maintenance operations, asbestos removal, mold removal and more
* Exceptionally strong, tear and abrasion resistant

To the uninitiated, coveralls all look pretty much alike and trying to determine which the best choice for specific needs is can be quite difficult. If the need is to protect from the penetration of liquids many users rely on Tyvek coveralls yellow. Tyvek has been proven in lab tests and field tests to be an excellent material because the fibers do not shed nor does it contain any filler material, as a result it is ideal for use in clean rooms, biotech labs and other demanding environments. The material allows heat and vapor to travel out of the garment but does not allow for the ingress of liquids or particles, it provides protection for the employee as well as the process or product; contamination is greatly minimized even if the surface is abraded.

Safety on the job is paramount:

The purpose of all protective clothing, including Tyvek coveralls yellow is to protect the individual from potential hazards in the workplace. When the working environment is such that there are potential hazards it is the employer’s responsibility to protect the employees. Part of this expectation is to remove or at least mitigate the dangers through engineering control. If the workplace has been made as safe as possible but specific hazards remain, then protective clothing is in order.

One piece Tyvek coveralls yellow, with or without a hood and boot covers are ideal for those having to work in hazardous environments. Tyvek coveralls yellow are available from MPE, Miller’s Precision Enterprises.

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