Need New Eye Glasses? Attractive and Affordable Frames Can Be Purchased Online

The original purpose of eye glasses was to correct vision problems. Today they have become a fashion accessory just like purses or jewelry. In fact, the names of some of today’s top fashion designers appear on eye glass frames. When you buy new glasses it is very important to be satisfied with your frames because you will be wearing them for at least a few years.

Years ago, like forty or fifty, your choices of eye glass frames was very limited. Little girls had a choice between pink or blue frames. Boys had a smaller selection to choose from. Their frames were black. Period. Adults had a little larger selection, but not much. When customers enter a vision care center today, they will find walls filled with eye glass frames to choose from.

Are there other places, beside the optometrist’s office, where you can purchase eye glass frames? Yes, there certainly are. You can order Eye Glass Frames NYC.  Just imagine the convenience of ordering your frames online and having them shipped directly to your door.

You are probably wondering how frames can be ordered online since the usual method involves trying on several pairs before making a final decision. Before you can order your frames online, you should visit your eye doctor for a thorough examination. The doctor will give you a prescription for your lenses, then you can go to the website and start the process of ordering your new frames.

First you need to know the size of your frames. You can get this information from an optical store or look at the inside of the arm piece for the numbers you need. Next your prescription has to be faxed or emailed to the website. In addition to your frame size, you need to know your PD or pupil distance. This measurement has to be taken at an optical store or by an eye doctor. After you supply this information you can upload your photo and virtually try on frames. That’s all there is to ordering Eye Glass Frames NYC.

Ordering your new frames online is probably the most affordable way to go. Special offers and discounts can be found on the websites and many of them offer free shipping. Who knows, you might save enough money to buy a new pair of prescription sunglasses!

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