Partnering With Cooling Tower Treatment Companies

Businesses and companies specializing in the installation of commercial and industrial HVAC systems understand the importance of partnering with other companies that have the experience, expertise and professional knowledge to get the job done.

When it comes to designing and installing cooling towers, or even working on existing systems to address inefficiencies and problems, sorting through cooling tower treatment companies to find a quality partner should be a top priority. By working with the best company, you can provide the system your customers wants and provide a solution to prevent organic and inorganic buildup in the system that will lead to inefficiency down the road.

To help in selecting the best cooling tower treatment companies, start by looking at the potential companies from more than just a quoted price frame of reference. This will provide you with a big picture overview of what you can expect.

Creative Solutions

The top companies will all have their own products and solutions for cooling tower treatment systems. These should include treatment options for scale as well as sludge and biofilm buildup in the system.

These treatment options should also be carefully matched with the size, design, water temperature, types of microbiological organisms present and even to the specifics of the water being used in the system. If the company doesn’t ask these questions and simply offers a one size fits all type of solution it is worth your while to continue the search.

Proven Track Record of Success

Besides having the ability to develop creative and customized solutions, the best companies offering cooling tower water treatment options will also have a proven track record in the industry.

Most of the companies will provide information on their website about projects they have completed. Take the time to read through case studies and projects the company has taken on. This will provide a good picture of the general service and expertise that the cooling tower treatment company has to offer.

Experience with Similar Projects

While having basic experience in water treatment in a range of different residential, commercial and industrial applications is important, so is experience specific to cooling towers.

Remember, contacting the cooling tower treatment companies you are considering and asking specific questions, including asking for references, is always a good idea. The best companies will have problems in providing this information, and they will also be specific about the HVAC companies and projects they have been involved in the past.

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