Personalize Books with Custom Gift Labels

Books make great gifts for people of all ages. You can make them even more special by customizing them for the recipient. Use custom gift labels in a few key areas to show your friends and loved ones how much you care. Here are a few ideal spots to place them without taking away from the design of the book.
Inside Cover
Place your gift label in the inside cover of the book. Depending on the size of your label, you can either put it in the corner, or in the middle of the inside cover. Larger labels make a bold statement in the middle, and smaller ones may fit better in the corners. It really depends on your personal style and the design of the label.
Back Cover
The back cover of the book is also a great spot for custom gift labels. You can use this space to write a special dedication message, or even add a picture to your label. Depending on the type of book, some label materials may work better than others. If you’re planning to purchase them from a retailer, be sure to ask about the adhesives and how they would work with your book. You don’t want the recipient to remove the label, but if they choose to, you want to make sure that the adhesives don’t damage the paper.
Front Cover
If the book that you purchase doesn’t have much going on in the graphics area on the front, you could use your custom labels in this area. It would definitely catch your friend or loved ones eye, and they’ll remember you every time they look at the book. Even of there are no graphics, you should place your custom tag in the corner so that it does not seem too intrusive. Also try to stick with colors that blend well with book instead of taking away from it.
Custom gift labels are a great way to personalize books. They’re not too expensive and can add that special touch to express your feelings to the recipient. If you plan to add more than just an image and a line or two, take time to craft a meaningful message that your friend or family member will never forget.

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