Summer, Stylish Men’s Suits in Long Island

Design trends may come and go, but one particular item has truly stood the test of time when it comes to men’s wear: men’s suits. Classy, stylish, and even casual in some instances, the suit is an essential piece of every man’s wardrobe. It is perfect for a night out in Manhattan, attending an afternoon get together in the Hamptons, and meeting clients in the office.

For fashion forward men who have already invested in the classic mid-gray and navy variations of men’s suits in Long Island, we have a list of some great summer styles for this year which are sure to keep you cool, keep you comfortable, and most importantly, impress. We kick off our list with a safer choice: the light blue suit.

Light Blue Suits for Men

For men who are looking for a break from their navy blue suit, the light blue suit is the perfect substitute. Great for warmer weather and oozing class, most light blue suits come in petrol or pastel blue tones. The color of this suit is contemporary and can easily be dressed up and dressed down, and the jacket and trousers can be used as separates.

Fashion Suggestions:

Keep It Simple: Throw on a plain white custom shirt, your favorite linen tie and a pair of brown suede loafers
Keep It Smart-Casual: Ditch the tie and throw in a pair of white trainers
Keep It Separate: Pair your light blue suit jacket with a pair of brogues and your selvage denim jeans for a night out

Off-White Suits for Men

Off-white suits in shades of cream and beige (or even white itself) are for the slightly more daring man who wants to stand out from the crowd. These suits are a cinch to dress up and to dress down since they are neutral in color. Best of all, they are typically made out of summer-friendly fabrics so you won’t be left sweltering in the heat.

Fashion Suggestions:

Bold and Classy: Choose a light beige suit and pair it with a white dress shirt, white tie, and stunning black loafers
Smart and Sassy: Opt for a cream-colored suit and pair it with some brown suede loafers and your favorite accessories in pastel shades

Checkered Suits for Men

Checkered men’s suits offer some visual diversity in the crowd of blues and grays. Checkers can be as bold or as subtle as a man chooses, and gives those who see you the sense that you are a confident and stylish gentlemen. Choose colors and styles which you feel compliment your tastes, your body type, and your coloring for the best effect.

Fashion Suggestions:

Dress It Up: Wear you checkered suit jacket with a pair of solid colored trousers (the trousers should be a color which is in the checkered pattern) and a pair of brogues

Break It Up: Couple your checkered trousers with a neutral colored blazer, a white shirt, and a pair of your smartest leather shoes for a dinner out

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