The Best All Day Vapor Cigarette Flavors

There are literally thousands of different vapor cigarette flavors available online and in tobacco shops throughout the United States. Additionally, more and more vapers are starting to create their own e-juice combinations, which adds a whole new level of flavor possibilities customized to your specific taste preferences.

Most people who enjoy vaping like to have a wide range of different e-liquids on hand for those special cravings, but choosing an all day, every day vape flavor can be a bit more challenging.

Unless you are using a drip tip, it is difficult to change vapor cigarette flavors in the middle of the workday, or even when you are just hanging out on the weekends. To avoid this problem, we recommend you choose a flavor that is a great anytime vape and use that for your daily vaping with one particular mod or e-cig system.

Finding that special flavor that will carry you through every day takes a bit of planning, but it is well worth the time.

Not too Much

While those very strong flavored e-juices are great for special occasions or when you just want that taste, they can be overwhelming for everyday vapes. There is a slight decline in the taste of any e juice when vaped continually, so finding a milder, more subtle flavor is often the best option, leaving those really flavorful ones for just the right time.

Remember the Steeping Factor

Most vapor cigarette flavors change slightly to significantly when they sit. This is called steeping, and it really is an important part of the vaping experience. If you have a flavor favorite, keep notes on any changes you note as you work your way through the bottle.

To accurately know how long to steep your favorite juice, make sure to order from an online retailer offering fresh e-juices with your order. Typically creamy types of e-juices mellow and become smoother with time, while some of the other flavor combinations will have one element in the blend that gets stronger as time goes on.

It can be easy to fall into old habits when choosing e-juice flavors. It is a great idea to try one new e-juice with every order just to keep experimenting and learning more about your tastes, and which flavor combinations work best for your unique preferences.

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